What worked well in 2015?

Homeschooling Hunter.

Reading lots and lots of books (yay library!).

Canceling our cable/Dish Network subscription.

Discovering the simple sleep mask and the wonders it is doing for my sleep.  It’s not just for vanity, y’all!

Having Michelle live with us for six weeks after she graduated DTS.

Teaching the Support Raising workshop.

Moving Leah to her own bedroom.

Our daily rhythm.  About halfway through the year it seemed like we hit our stride with naps, meals, play, and learning each day.


What didn’t work well in 2105:

Mealtimes on campus became a source of anxiety and distress for me.  It would prick on wounds of abandonment and I would lash out by closing people off and trying to do it all on my own.

My default response of anger and short-temperedness to the kids simply being kids.  I noticed it especially in the final month and a half of the year.  Too many times I grabbed them or shoved them or spoke harshly to them.  I am missing the mom who allows them to explore and touch and wonder and ask…what happened to her?

Sugar.  I choose to let sugar overwhelm me when it’s an option.  I’m starting the year with no sugar for the month of January and am flirting with the idea of no sugar at all for the entire year (added, refined sugar to be specific).  For the last two months of the year I committed to indulging in sugar for 24 hrs each week.  It was great because I successfully avoided it for the other 144 hours (more often than not) but during that permission period – UGH!  I over-indulged, over-ate, over-excess, over-everything…to the point of consciously thinking ‘Why am I eating this?  I’m not hungry and my stomach hurts’ as I unwrapped yet another pile of sweet treats to devour.  There is something deeper going on that I haven’t tapped into yet that urges to me act like that. I want to take responsibility and change that habit.


Based on what worked or didn’t work, what lesson did I learn?

I am at my best when I: read, sleep, have a rhythm to my days, am learning something new, carve out space and time to be alone, nourish my body with delicious & nutrient-dense foods, and ask for help before the crisis hits.


One step I’ll take to improve my health in 2016 is:

Buy a greens powder mix to add to smoothies, like this one.


One step I’ll take to improve my fitness in 2016 is:

Participate in the January Fitness Challenge.


One place I’d like to visit:

The San Diego Library’s downtown branch.


One habit I’d like to break:

Listening to the lie that says, ‘You are all alone and no one is helping you.’


One habit I’d like to create:

Tracking what I read.  I like this idea.


One relationship I’d like to work on:

With XXXX. (I’ll leave this answer unnamed, but I have a specific person in mind).


My top three values in 2016 will be:

  1. Obey God’s voice.
  2. Love others.
  3. Nourish myself & my family.


Three ways I can make more time for these values:

  1. When I have a sense about someone or thing, mention it to Scott or someone else I trust so I am accountable to it.
  2. Make time and space for people to be in our lives – at meals, at our home.
  3. Provide a majority of nourishing foods with a minority of indulgent treats.

At the end of 2016 I will feel…

peacefully accomplished.


thanks to this website for the inspiration for this post

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