Sharing Equally (or, an intro to multiplication)

While Hunter was trying to figure out an “intro to multiplication” worksheet this week, Madison leaned across the table and piped up, “It’s 12.”

And it was!!

I don’t know how she figured it out but she did…and before Hunter, who is the math-puzzle master. Seeing she was interested in what he was doing, I pulled together a few items to set up her own multiplication activity.

She loved dividing the play good and household items between her Calico Critters. I modeled how to say “X groups of Y equals Z” and she explained each set of items as she divvied them out.

Hunter wanted in on the game so Playmobil characters came out of the toy shelf and he followed his worksheet by using them as his manipulatives. I love when both kids connect on an activity or subject and can share their learning journey. Especially having kids so close in age and grade, they can learn alongside each other and grow together in a whole different way.



The part that I love most about homeschooling is when the kids grab a hold of something and run with it. The excitement that comes over them when it hits them and all they want to do is learn more…it’s priceless.

This morning we read about thunderstorms, as we’re learning about the different layers of the atmosphere through this book. I thought it would be fun to watch some videos of lightning strikes so they could see what we are learning about. Where we live there aren’t many thunderstorms and I don’t think they’ve ever seen lightning actually strike the ground.

Thanks to YouTube we found two short videos (here and here) and the kids were amazed! They were yelling and jumping around every time the lightning struck the ground in the video.

Afterward, we pulled out some paper and pens and I told them to draw the most awesome lightning storm they could think of. Here is what they came up with. Of course, Leah decided to take it up a notch and color a volcano lightning storm. Haha!

These unplanned moments of discovery are such a sweet treasure to me as I watch them learn, grow, and discover the world around them.

Let’s write like Greeks!

Our homeschool lesson had us learning like Greeks today.  We used the Ancient Greek alphabet to write our names according to how they would have looked centuries ago.  This chart helped them figure out how to ‘spell’ their names in Greek.

Hunter and Madison found it hilarious that their names looked and sounded different than how they are pronounced today.  Then they tried saying their names together as one long word and laughed hysterically.

Any day now…

It’s getting real.

Strike that – it’s been real for awhile.  Now that we are in the birth month, and perhaps the birth week we are in a whole new level of r e a l.

It’s been a mind-over-body battle the past few days.  We’ve had some big commitments coming to a close and I really wanted to be present to see them through.  Thankfully baby has stayed put so far and things turned out great.  Now let’s see how much longer we can wait…there are a few more things in the coming week that I’d love to be able to participate in while still in my prenatal form.  But, as we all know, kids are not the most convenient of creatures (especially when it comes to newborns) so it’s a wait and see game from here on out.