Sometimes parenting

Sometimes parenting is standing in a bathroom, shower running, steam billowing, while your coughing six-month old sleeps on your chest.

Sometimes parenting is losing your temper at your three year old because she keeps poking her brother in the face when she should be brushing her teeth.

Sometimes parenting is a humbling realization that your five year old is years ahead of her age in how she perceives and feels the world.

Sometimes parenting is mourning the loss of what could have been and choosing gratitude for what is. This week is Easter Break and the sisters have VBS each morning. Hunter was looking forward to a week of “Mommy & Hunter” time with big dreams of quiet, focused, one-on-one connections.

Three days ago, Jackson started coughing.

It’s a deep, chesty cough that keeps him from napping, changes his happy-go-lucky disposition to whiny and needy, and requires most of my attention.

Sometimes parenting is apologizing, hugging, crying, and making new plans.


Painting the Weather

We’ve started a weather lapbook and this morning’s rain inspired us to paint.

Hen the big kids wanted to use primary colors to see how many secondary colors they could make. Madison sang a song while she mixed, listing which colors combine to make other colors ( for the win!). Hunter carefully blended the paints and ended up with almost the whole rainbow.

Leah quickly retreated into her own world, asking for watercolors and creating abstract masterpieces. She is three years old, through and through.

I’m learning to take it slow for school on mornings when we are all home. Learning takes many forms. Paint splatters included.

Sharing Equally (or, an intro to multiplication)

While Hunter was trying to figure out an “intro to multiplication” worksheet this week, Madison leaned across the table and piped up, “It’s 12.”

And it was!!

I don’t know how she figured it out but she did…and before Hunter, who is the math-puzzle master. Seeing she was interested in what he was doing, I pulled together a few items to set up her own multiplication activity.

She loved dividing the play good and household items between her Calico Critters. I modeled how to say “X groups of Y equals Z” and she explained each set of items as she divvied them out.

Hunter wanted in on the game so Playmobil characters came out of the toy shelf and he followed his worksheet by using them as his manipulatives. I love when both kids connect on an activity or subject and can share their learning journey. Especially having kids so close in age and grade, they can learn alongside each other and grow together in a whole different way.