This kid loves words.  To say them, to write them, to talk about them.  She’s all about words.

The kids pulled out the Scrabble tiles the other day and Madison was in heaven.  Letters!  Words!  She grabbed tiles and asked me what word she had spelled as she strung them together on her display stand (most of them were complete gibberish, which she got a kick out of when I tried to pronounce them).

She knows how to write her letters but I like using tools like Scrabble tiles to help promote confidence with letter learning.  Instead of remaining frustrated at not being able to write a word, she can be excited about recognizing letters and forming words.

And yes, the kids stumbled upon this song and thought it was the funniest thing to say and sing.  Which meant I had it stuck in my head for the next few hours, Aussie accent and all. 🙂


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