My 100+ Books - 2016.jpg

…and there we have it: 100 books in one year.  When I think about all the books I read, it doesn’t seem like that many.  After all, books are read one at a time (okay…maybe two or three…but definitely not 100) so I found myself arriving at 100 as almost a surprise.  Looking at this list, with all the titles lined up together, helps me realize that’s a lot of books.

Do I have a goal for 2017?  Not really.

Will I keep reading like a crazy woman?  You betcha.


If you’d like to browse any of these titles, feel free to use this link.  All proceeds go directly to our nonprofit work in Tijuana.

For a peek into how I read 100 books this year, go here.

For a list of my favorite books, go here.

For a PDF download: my-100-books-2016

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