The deeper we get into this homeschooling journey, the more I am embracing the ‘unschooling’ moments that emerge throughout our days. Take today, for example:

After a morning walk to explore puddles from last night’s storm, we ended up on the couch reading this book.  I’m fascinated by Peter Spier’s illustrations – I want to leap into the pages and live in his world.  As we finished the book I noticed Hunter busying himself at the table. He gathered paper, pens, and a stapler, and a few minutes later glanced up and declared, “Look!”

Inspired by the book and our puddle jumping morning, he had created his own book.  I didn’t give him any direction. He took initiative and came up with it all on his own. Which, of course, inspired the siblings to join in and make their own books.

We have workbooks. We make lapbooks. We read and practice math. We do school.  More than anything, though, these moments of genuine, self-inspired learning are what I long for in our educational adventures. There are days when the notebooks stay shelved and the pencils aren’t sharpened.  But oh, do we learn.


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