In just a few hours, this little one will officially be two years old.


Her birth was one of the highlights of my life (yes, I still haven’t written the actual story of her birth.  One day, hopefully).  Painful, yes.  Empowering?  Absolutely.

photo cred

She is sweet, but sassy (heavy on the sweet).  She watches, waits, observes, and then jumps in like she’s been doing it her whole life.  Her favorite game to play lately is ‘kitty CAT’ which means she crawls around on the ground (or on me) while meowing pitifully and picking up things with her mouth.  She is talking, although we have to guess or interpret most of what she says even though she is extremely confident in every ‘word’ that comes out of her mouth.  She is still guarded around people she doesn’t know but loves the ones she does.  Her big brother is her favorite human, and any dog is her favorite, period.  We call her Lee Lee, Leeshka Lee, Leahlicious, LeahLou, and Chicken Nose or Chicken Beans (don’t ask – it just happened one day and stuck).


She loves to eat.  Boy, does she love to eat (hence the appropriate photo choice above).  She will try anything at least once, sometimes twice.  I often find her in my lap devouring my breakfast bowls in the morning (after eating her breakfast, of course).

When we found out she was going to be a girl, I immediately sensed God saying ‘redemption’ and ‘grace.’  Those two words have been the theme of our relationship so far.  Redemption for me from the ugly, painful, self-imposed standards I’ve had on myself as a parent, a wife, and a human being.  Grace for the mess ups, the failures, and to enjoy the good times while not fearing the hard times.

Leah Olivia.  We say she’s our favorite…because she is.

(along with the two other ones, of course).

Happy Birthday, Little One.  We love you so.


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