We are diving deep into oceans for Hunter’s next lapbook. I’ve gotta be honest – I’m glad to leave mosquitoes behind. Ick. Of course, we learned a lot about those little buggers but it gave me the shivers when we would read about how they breed and eat and spread diseases…blech. Deep, blue water and calm, rolling waves are such a refreshing change. Ahhhh!  Plus there are quite a few more resources available about oceans than mosquitoes. Hahah!

Since we live on the Pacific coast of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, we literally have the ocean outside our backdoor.  I hope to include many hands-on learning activities during this unit.  Who doesn’t love a school morning spent at the beach?!?

Today’s topic was the five oceans of the world. I just finished this gallery wall yesterday and Hunter was on and off the couch all morning, pointing at the different oceans and tracing how they connect around the world.

I’ve gotta say: a world map and a library are by far the two best resources for learning. Heck, they could be the only resources for learning and it would be plenty.

This unit should take us well into the fall. There is so much to learn about this whole other earth under the peaceful ocean surface.


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