We made it to 100 days of school!!! Most classrooms hit that milestone sometime in the spring…here we are in mid-July, straggling to the finish line.  Haha!  In retrospect and honesty, we did accomplish many more than 100 days of school. For most of the scho year Hunter only added a paper link to the chain if it was just him doing school. Any days where all the kids were schooling together didn’t count.  When we hit spring and I saw how far we were from reaching the 100 days mark (even though we had actually done at least that many days if not more) I nudged him to add links whenever school happened, regardless of how many of us participated. The chain really started building and soon we were in the 90s!  Hunter would spontaneously do the math in his head each time he added a chain, letting me know how many day we had left until 100.

And then it happened!

Hunter wanted to celebrate by inviting over some of his homeschool friends for a 100 Day party. Since we hit the 100 day mark in the middle of the summer, we were actually able to invite some of his friends who go to school outside their homes as well. Hunter and I read a few books about 100 days of school and found some fun ideas for activities. We spent a recent morning enjoying the 100th Day by making snacks, building Legos, doing relay races, and playing a guessing game all based around the number 100.

We made it-100 days! And not just 100 days, but an entire school year. Thinking back to that first day of homeschooling, my thoughts about what was to come, and Hunter’s excitement about learning, it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come and all that he’s learned. He is reading basic words, grasping math concepts, and loves to learn about whatever lapbook topic he’s chosen for that week (he’s currently learning about Antarctica).  We haven’t made any final plans for the fall, but if we do continue with homeschooling we definitely have a solid foundation upon which to build.


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