“Our sonship is a function of what God says about us; it is based on something objective that is outside of who we are and what we do.

“God is both the source and the goal of our sonship.”

Romans 8 has been ringing my bell lately.  The profound truth about my adoption into the family of God has unsettled something deep inside me…in a very good way.  I harbor a secret, debilitating fear that I will one day be found out, accused, measured as not doing enough.  Falling short.  Making a fatal error that I was completely ignorant of committing. It’s not mystery as to why this fear haunts me – it’s my family’s story.  It’s the axis from which my life spins.

Slowly, I’m starting to spin in a different direction.  Untethered, unrestrained.  The Truth is drawing me close and beginning to set me free.


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