“We must, then, prepare our hearts and bodies for the battle of holy obedience to His instructions.  What is not possible by nature, let us ask the Lord to supply by the help of His grace.  If we wish to reach eternal life…then – while there it still time – we must run and do now what will profit us forever.”  – The Rule of St. Benedict


How often do I feel that most of my life is not “possible by nature?”  Do I have the patience to not yell, or the mercy to be merciful, or the discernment to respond to what’s really going on, or the selflessness to help those around me, or the humility to be known for who I really am…I could go on and on.  My reserves of human ability fall so short from where God is calling me to live, that holy standard that Jesus tell us in Matthew 4 – “…be perfect as my Father in heaven is perfect.”  Gulp.

The impossibilities of my nature drive me to the supply of the Lord’s grace.  His immeasurable, inexhaustible, eternal fountain of grace.  The only measure that contains His grace is the Cross, and it’s impact changed all of time and eternity.  Do I ask the Lord for His grace?  Not in the sense of “Dang, I just messed up!  I need some grace on Aisle 6!”  At the start of the race, from the very beginning, am I drawing from His strength, or I am shooting out of the starting blocks with my head down and arms pumping to see how far I can make it on my own?

It is a battle, this life of choosing holy obedience.  Run and do now what will profit me forever.  No hesitation.  Eagerly pursue the things of eternal significance.  Quickly I will come to see that eternal significance looks extremely different than earthly importance.  Do I choose what makes me popular or noticed or praised?  Or do I choose ten minutes on the floor building legos with my six year old, reading books to my one year old, baking cookies with my three year old, listening to my husband share his heart?  Choose today in the light of tomorrow…and all of eternity.


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