“Your strength comes from God’s grace.” Hebrews 13:9


God’s grace.  Oh, how grateful I am for God’s grace.

Here’s the thing, though.  Grace can be watered down.  Cheapened.  Sold like a trinket from the dollar toy bin.  Is grace permission for continued sin?  Does it endorse bad behavior?  Does it condone character flaws and habitual, damaging thought patterns?

Grace does none of that and does so much more.

It points me to the cross.  It acknowledges my failures.  Grace looks them square in the face and then turns us – together – towards the Cross.


At the foot of the Cross there is no grounds for judgment.  We ALL have sinned and fallen short of God’s grace.  His grace highlights how far we fell.  His grace also made the path for redemption.

Whether I parent with grace, lead with grace, show grace in friendships and conflicts, I want to point to the Cross and together say, “Oh how much WE need Jesus.”


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