Sometimes I just want a treat.

A creamy, sweet, salty, crunchy, chocolatey, decadent treat.

These babies hit the spot.


Chocolate-Chia Banana Bites

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

Aside from tasting like a drop of heaven is melting in my mouth (did I mention that they are frozen, too?) this treat is good for you.  That’s right – healthy fats, powerhouse seeds, and a dose of healthy potassium.  I hesitate to even call it a ‘recipe’ because it’s so stinking’ easy to make.  Plus they are dairy, gluten, and processed/refined-food free.


First, whip up a batch of this chocolate (I used 1/2 c dates soaked in enough water to cover them in place of the honey and almond butter).  Thanks to my friend Ashley for introducing it to me.  It will change your life.  Promise.  That’s the brown stuff you see in the bowl in these first two photos.  The rest of it is in the blender on the counter, quickly being consumed by little people and one big person (that’d be me).


Peel and slice a ripe banana.  Like this.


Spread a dab of chocolate on each banana slice.  Lick your fingers often.


Line up the slathered slices on a sheet of aluminum foil.  Or, if you’re a bit more high class than we are, a cookie sheet or pan would work well too.


You can pop these babies in the freezer as is and what an hour or so until they are frozen.  Or you can eat them just like this.  Or, if you are really ready to walk on the wild side, sprinkle a dash of chia seeds on the top of each slice.  Don’t have chia seeds?  Try hemp seeds.  Or flax seeds.  Or a dollop of homemade peanut butter.  Stop me now.FullSizeRender

There they are, in all their frozen glory.


Can we wait until breakfast to eat them?  Pshaw, who am I kidding!?!?


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