“Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth.” 1 Timothy 6:6

I often welcome discontent.  It’s begins with a question or a comparison, and I swiftly agree and send myself down a path of yes, ands, or buts, looking for all the areas of my life that seem to be lacking.  Discontentment ushers me into the arms of self-pity, which comforts me with thoughts of, “I’m on the only one who…” and “Why doesn’t anyone appreciate me when…”  Pretty soon I’m and ugly mess of pride and resentment, dripping with insecurity.


How can I learn to choose contentment when discontent is so tempting?  Contentment is grounded in what is here and now.  Discontent pushes me to yearn for what isn’t mine yet.

My mind can be trained towards contentment when I choose gratitude.


When that whisper of comparison floats towards my ears, how quickly can I respond with a statement of thanksgiving for what is currently happening right now in my life?  There’s a fundamental shift that happens when I approach my days on the lookout for moments for which I can be grateful.  I stop complaining about inconveniences and begin thanking God for pauses.  What a wealth of life and joy and abundance I can own when I simply choose gratitude.


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