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Hi Jerry,

My name is Jamie and my husband and our two kids live in Tijuana. We are US citizens serving with a Christian nonprofit ministry here. I came across your website when doing some online research about homebirths in Mexico. We would love to have a homebirth with our next child…I read on your website that you are no longer able to travel and attend homebirths. Would you know of any local midwives who are currently practicing in our area and who attend homebirths?  Anything you could share with me would be extremely helpful.

Thanks so much,


As soon as I hit ‘send,’and the email spiraled off into cyberspace, a huge wave a relief washed through my body as I let out a huge breath of air that I didn’t even know I was holding in.  I had done it.  I had found someone who could help us.  Now all I could do was wait.

Truth be told, my hopes were set pretty low.  We had hit so many obstacles along the way already and it sometimes felt like the whole world (or at least the whole country) was set against our hope of a homebirth in Mexico.  Plus, judging from the website where I found Jerry’s contact information, I half-expected his email address to be as outdated as his design choices (he’s a midwife, not a web-professional – no judgement here!).


Imagine my shock when I checked my email the next day and saw an email from Jerry.  An actual, real, in-my-inbox email!  I’m pretty sure I almost dropped my phone due to my excitement.  It was short and to the point, but it held a promise of things to come.  He was out of the country but asked me to send him a message in a few weeks and he would send me “my midwife’s friends data” who lived in Tijuana.

There it was – the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The elusive unicorn sighting.  We had done it!  We had found a midwife!  Well, almost.  First we had to wait a few weeks for him to return from his overseas trip but we had found proof that there was a practicing, component, Mexican midwife in our city who could be the answer to our prayers.


6 thoughts on “Why yes, you can have a homebirth in Mexico – Part 5

  1. Hello,

    I’ve read all the way to part 5 of your story. Do you provide a section that tells us where and how to find a midwife in Tijuana?

    1. I have fallen so far behind in this series – eek! One day I hope to finish it and tell how we finally met our midwife and had a wonderful home birth in Tijuana. However, I’d love to share her name and contact information with you: Luz Angelica Velo Hernandez (she goes by Angelica), cell number is 044 664 313 1267 and home number is 664 901 0796. She speaks Spanish and has a very basic English vocabulary.

      1. Thank you so much again for this info. I was wondering if you might also have an email address for Angelica. I tried texting her but I didn’t receive a reply. I’m not in Tijuana as yet so I’m not able to call.

        Thanks again, Valerie

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