We are well on our way into the Machine unit that Hunter has chosen to study.  I found this graphic the other day (I can’t located the actual link to this actual graphic but searching ‘construction machines clipart’ brings up a lot of great options.  I printed it out, attached it to folded up cardboard, and had the intentions of having the kids build a construction site out of Legos, magnet tiles, or blocks and then use these cardboard ‘machines’ in their scenes.  They weren’t really into that idea so I set the machines aside, knowing we could put them to good use later on in the week.  Sure enough, we came up with ‘Machine Math!’

Hunter chose two machines that would be his workers.

I wrote addition and subtraction equations on the magnetic chalkboard.  Hunter used the water jug lids as his counters.

For addition, he put the correct amount of lids in front of each machine to make the sum, then counted them up to find the answer.

For subtraction, he lined up all the lids in front of one of the machines, then used the other machine to ‘subtract’ the correct amount of lids to find the answer.

He wanted me to play, so he hopped up and wrote out a math problem and walked me through the steps of the game.

His first attempt was ’10-79,’ which he thought was hilarious.  I told him we didn’t have 79 lids, so he changed it to 10-9.

His math skills are building (haha, pun!) every day which is so fun to see happen right before our eyes.


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