I’m 33 years old.  Actually, closer to 34 than 33.  As Hunter said the other day, that’s old enough to be alive ‘back in the old times.’  I’d like to think I know myself pretty well, but there are still times when I surprise myself.  Let’s see how much more I can uncover about how I am made and how that affects how I act.  Thanks to Gretchen Rubin’s book on habits for this list of questions.

How I Like to Spend My Time

At what time of day do I feel energized?  Morning.

When do I drag? Right around 2:30 or 3:00 PM.

Do I like racing from one activity to another or do I prefer unhurried transactions?  I prefer to take my time from one thing to another, with plenty of warning to plan and prepare.

Would I like to spend more time with friends or by myself? Myself.

Do I have several things on my calendar that I anticipate with pleasure? Our daily rhythms stay pretty much the same so there isn’t much to anticipate.  However, Scott and I are taking three nights in Vegas next month which is a first for us and I am so looking forward to it.   Also, I will be attending the Birth Without Fear conference in San Diego later this month (my first night away from the kiddos!).

What can I do for hours on end without feeling bored? Read and cook.

What daily or weekly activity did I do for fun when I was ten years old? Lots of pretend play.  Spend the night at grandparent’s house and attend gymnastics lessons.

What I Value

What’s most satisfying to me: saving time, or money, or effort?  All three rank right up there at the top of the list but I’d say effort.  I easily spot ways to do things more efficiently or streamlined where other people continue doing it the same old way.

Does it bother me to act differently from other people, or do I get a charge out of it?  There is definitely something inside of me that rises up and takes a stand for certain convictions, and although I’m rarely public or verbal about them, there is no way I’m backing down.  Nutrition, breastfeeding, pregnancy and birth, holistic care, translation in a bilingual community…those are some hills I’ll die (albeit quietly and privately) on any day.  It doesn’t bother me much but there are some nagging feelings of insecurity that can sneak up on me if I’m not careful.

Do I spend a lot of time on something that’s important to someone else, but not me?  Most of what I do is aligned with my core values in life, so I’d say whatever I spend my time on will also be important to me.

If I had $500 that I had to spend on fun, how would I spend it?  Books, sushi, massage, spa day, clothes shopping, Whole Foods, essential oils, dinner with my husband.

Do I like to listen to experts, or do I prefer to figure things out on my own?  A little of both.  I research the heck out of things, so by default I will come across said ‘experts’ and weigh their advice against all the other information I uncover.  When I am faced with a new decision or piece of information, I hit the internet and scour all the sites and blogs and pages that I can find.  So, yes and.

Does spending money on an activity make me feel more committed to it, or less committed?  More.

Would I be happy to see my children have the life I’ve had? Absolutely.

My Current Habits

Am I more likely to indulge in a bad habit in a group, or when I’m alone?  Alone.

If I could magically, effortlessly change one habit in my life, what would it be?  Some of the negative thought patterns that I choose to believe about myself and others.

If the people around me could change one of my habits, what would they chose?  asked my husband and he gave two answers: chew gum with my mouth closed and verbalize my thoughts in the moment instead of keeping them to myself.

Of my existing habits, which would I like my children to adopt?  Or not?  Valuing self-care.


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