Today, I choose to be grateful…

…that we don’t work in a typical company. Scott has been sick and recovering from a cough and virus for over a week.  With a ‘normal’ job, he would be missing work, getting paid less, and using up time off. So thankful for a ministry that values its staff.

…for the rain. It’s cloudy and gray this morning which seems to temper my emotions and expectations for the day. Sigh. Breathe. Relax.

…for realizing how vital the early mornings are to me. I chose to set my alarm for a later time this morning and quickly learned that extra sleep is not an equals trade off for time to myself. I’ve been repenting all morning of being offended and annoyed…and it’s barely 7 AM. This new habit of early morning self-care has become a life line for me and I will protect and prioritize it as much as I can.

…electricity that works. Clean water. Gas to cook and heat.  Running water in the taps. They are basics of life but things we have gone without. I am grateful for their presence today and want to choose to not be offended by their absence (especially when it feels unjust) whenever it occurs.

…for three healthy kids who make me smile and love each other.

…and this:


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