Mornings have become the sole moment of my day that I truly crave and cherish.  For the first time in my life, my alarm is set for a time before 6:00 AM.  On purpose.  After reading this book (in Spanish!) and leading an online challenge group on this book, I came to realize that mornings can be for me.  Sure, that sounds selfish and yes, I still struggle with the tension between selfishness and self-care.  I’m finding that when I take time to do a few simple, nourishing things in the mornings that the rest of my day unfolds much more peacefully and gently.  I could use the mornings to do laundry, answer emails, flip through websites, write thank you cards, and knock off a few other items from one to-do list or another.  One of the chapters in this book really resonated with me when it challenged the reader to do what is important but not urgent in the mornings (echoes of this paradigm-shattering book).  Use those early hours to focus on the areas of my life that fill me up, that I long to grow in and develop but can’t seem to make space for in the rhythm of my everyday life.

So, what are those things for me?

Gentle exercise.

It’s only taken me 30+ years to learn that I don’t like sweaty, heart-pupming, aerobic intense exercise.  Give me some Pilates or Yoga and I will leap out of bed with anticipation.  I’m working through this challenge with a personal goal of also doing a set of Yoga flows each day (one more every morning…up to four today) and loving it.


This blog has become my outlet for thoughts, processing, questions, and the occasional brain-dump.  When I write, I am happy.  It relieves my brain of all the internal processing and conversations I have with myself and puts it all somewhere I can cycle back to and browse through if I need to.


So far I’ve only been able to read through a chapter of the Bible before I move on to the next part of my morning.  I would love to add a few pages of a growth-type book as well, like a non-fiction leadership or human-behavior type book.  I’m reading this one right now and would love to knock out a few pages each morning.


Yes, I’ve been hitting YouTube up for some cheesy ‘morning music’ to play while I write and I love it. I play it through my headphones because it helps me stay connected and focused to what’s in front of me.  Why?  I have no idea but it does.

Each night I set my alarm for five minute earlier than the night before.  Each morning I find myself scrambling to fit in all that I want to do before the kids wake up and the momentum of the day sweeps us away.  Tonight when I click those numbers on the clock a few more digits backwards, I’ll smile and know that the morning will be waiting for me.  Just me.


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