Who knew peeling broken stumps of crayons could provide a morning of entertainment?  Madison started in on a bag of discarded crayons (that were being saved for this very purpose!) and her furrowed little forehead stayed focused on peeling and peeling for almost half an hour. Hunter soon realized what she was doing and wanted to join in. They chose which combination of colors to put in each section of the cupcake tin. After about 30 minutes in the oven at around 170F, they had melted into a colorful pools of goodness (note – the higher quality crayons, like Crayola, melted much more smoothly).  We let them cool for a few hours then popped them out of the the tin by turning them upside down and giving a small ‘whack’ on the counter.  They are sitting on the table in a small bowl, waiting for the kids to experiment with them today.


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