A wrap up of my Personal Development Goals for the month of October – how I did, what I accomplished, and what I’m carrying on to November with me.

FAMILY – Call my parents 1x week.

I could look back at my call log on my phone to be sure, but I’d say this goal was a SUCCESS.  I also made it a point to answer or call back when my parents had called instead of waiting until the next time they called me.

FAITH – Memorize a Psalm.

I’m 13 verses into Psalm 22, which has 31 verses in total.  Most mornings when I nursed Leah, I added one more verse to what I had memorized up to that point.  It was a nice way to start the day and made it a part of my routine so it was easier to remember to do it.  It was a great choice for this month since it has the same amount of verses as days, but I didn’t quite make it all the way through the chapter.  I’ll continue to memorize this Psalm as November starts and when it finishes, begin another chapter to commit to memory.  As I’ve grown into motherhood over the past years, there are seasons where the cultural tradition of a ‘Quiet Time’ simply doesn’t happen or doesn’t fulfill the relationship that God is calling me to during that time.  Finding other ways to study the Word and connect with God have been so good for me.  Moving further away from any sort of formula or performance and more into responding to His direction and calling has been incredible therapy as I continue to rehab from my evangelical childhood.  I’ll call it a GOOD EFFORT.

FINANCES -File and pay taxes.

SUCCESS!!! Especially because we ended up with a rebate that we were not expecting at all.  All the money we were saving to pay taxes can now be put towards something else for our family.  Yippee!

FUN – Sew myself something.

SUCCESS!!!  A few days of no library books to read meant some time in the evening where I could sew.  I used a white knit material I’ve had for years and sewed something like this, modifying the pattern to make it sleeveless.  I really like it and have worn it three or four times this month.  That banded bottom hem really helps with my body confidence after three babies.

 FRIENDS – Have the convo with X.

I didn’t talk with her.  However, something in my heart has shifted, releasing the hurt and shame, and I’m able to have easy, normal conversations with her.  Also, when I’m around here there is no longer a fear that I might be doing something wrong that I don’t know about and will be told to stop doing it.  While I still don’t agree with what happened and how it was handled, I know that God is using this situation to go deeper in my heart in regards to forgiveness, releasing offenses, and to walk in the opposite spirit in victory against the patterns of hurt that my family experienced.  It was definitely a success from that perspective, but I did not actually accomplish the goal I laid out so I’ll call it a GOOD EFFORT.

WORK – Add stamps to Master Spreadsheet.

SUCCESS!!! A morning on campus while Scott was with the kids helped me knock this one out.  It feels good to have that one done as it’s been on my to-do list since the beginning of September.

FITNESS – No sweet treats or excess sugar.

Phew, this one was hard.  One night, we went out to Red Robin for a special family dinner and ordered the mud pie and, yup, I definitely enjoyed every bite I could!  Other than that one day, though, I didn’t eat a single sweet treat or add any excess refined sugar to my foods.  The hardest day – other than the first few days of the month where I was craving like mad – was our Fall Carnival celebration on campus.  Cookies, cupcakes, churros, candy, sodas…but I did it!  My sleep has been really great this month and I know that it’s connected to how I’ve been nourishing myself.  I want to keep this discipline going next month, but allow for some indulgence as it’s the holiday season and I’d rather make space for grace – with defined boundaries – instead of battling guilt and condemnation.  So yes, I slipped up one day but went thirty days with no refined sugar added so I’ll call it a PRETTY DARN EXCELLENT EFFORT.

That’s it for my wrap up of October.  Combining this practice of personal goals with the ‘roles’ teaching from First Things First is helping me gain not only a completed list of things I’ve done, but a sense of investing in what’s important and worthwhile to me and our family.  At the end of November I’ll reflect on how the month went and sum up how I did on those goals.


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