We are doing ‘+’ math right now – 1+, 2+, 3+, and so on. Using what we have around the house led us to these Garrafon tops – five gallon water jugs that hold out purified drinking water. As we fill six of these jugs a week, these red and blue plastic tops were basically begging to be put to use somehow.

To set up the activity, I set aside the number of red top that is our number of the day (it was 4 today).

Then I placed a random number of blue tops on the table. Hunter slid the red tops over to meet them, counted to find out the total, the said the sum and wrote the answer on his small chalkboard.  We went on for a few minutes, always adding the same number of red tops to varying amounts of blue tops. He impressed me with how quickly he grasped the concept and the sums.  


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