Third kid – first nursing struggles.

It’s been an emotional few weeks since Leah turned two months. Not wanting to latch, pulling away, fussing when eating. We’ve found a few things that are helping and it’s slowly improving.

As she finally settled in to nurse to sleep tonight, I sighed a prayer for Jesus to be with Leah, for comfort and healing (oh, and she has her first cold, too). I glanced down at her snuggled up to my breast and a completely new revelation hit me.

Jesus nursed.
He cuddled up to his mom, latched on to her warmth, and let her love and leche nourish Him.

So He knows.
He knows exactly what Leah is struggling with.
He lay at His mother’s breast just like Leah does with me.
They were a team, just like we are.
They learned together, through every clogged duct and overactive letdown and supply issue.

When I pray for Jesus to help Leah, I’m not appealing to a being who observes from the outside and offers his best suggestion. My words bring Him close, just as close as His mother brought Him. He is present with Leah. He lived every suckle and gurgle and swallow like she is.

God with us.

Yes, I fought back tears as I watched my baby relax and find her rhythm into sleep. My Lord, my Savior, my King.

He is with us.


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