It hit me the other day.

As I scrolled through article after blog after website shouting ‘The Top 10 Ways to…’ or ‘Five Reasons Why…’ or ‘The One Thing You Should…’ that the intra-net had become a prescription instead of a description.

I was reading the accounts of people’s everyday lives and internalizing as what I needed to do based on their stories.  It was a constant comparison of how I was falling short, what I was doing wrong, and how I could do better.

So I started listening to that quiet whisper of conviction and began scrolling past anything that touched on parenting, how to help your kid sleep, or discipline options for children.  I’m avoiding it for now.  No, it’s not their fault that I’m struggling in this area, but for now I’m choosing to avoid it while I work on what’s going on inside my heart.


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