One of my most favorite things to do during the Christmas season is to wake up early, before anyone else is stirring, and spend some time in front of the tree with Christmas music playing.  Which is where I am at this very moment.  It is very nostalgic and magical and thought provoking.  I remember the evenings and mornings when I was young, walking downstairs and seeing the tree lit up against the dark windows in my parent’s front room.  Amy Grant’s Christmas album (and yes, it was actually a record) singing softly in the background.  Only one time of year tugs on my heart to be ‘home’ and this is it.

It would be a dream to travel to NYC or Rothenburg during Christmas.





I love the festivities of Christmas.  My childhood was full of them.  Looking back they were quite trivial and inexpensive but they mean a lot to me now.  I often wonder if the Evangelical Christian emphasis on the meaning of Christmas comes as a backlash to the pure fun it is to do all the stuff.  Can’t we have both?

We stay out too late this time of year with the kids.  Many evening car rides with cranky babies fill our weeks.  Too much sugar.  Too much tv (gotta watch all those specials!).  Too many toys.

Every day of the year is lived with purpose and reason.  Just let me have some fun without waving the reason for the season in my face, mkay?  Guilt doesn’t get me anywhere.  Check your history books.

I love that we extend Christmas past the actual day.  I also love the excitement leading up to the actual day.

Gah.  I am such a sucker for Christmas.


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