Never start with an apology.

So I won’t.  Hee hee.

It seems like I’ve been on a continual upswing in my emotional health lately, which is absolutely refreshing.  The kiddos have hit a plateau of awesomeness for about a month.  Sure we have days full of yelling (Madison’s new discovery is to yell really loud right when Hunter starts talking and the keep yelling louder as he asks her to ‘Be quiet!’) and frustration and selfishness but at least the kids’ behaviors are great (snicker).  Naw, we all are still human and all are growing.  Madison’s naps are still strong and long which is literally a miracle from a year ago.  Hunter’s imagination is soaring and he goes deep into role playing with his cars and airplanes and trains.  So precious.

Scott & I are good.  Like, really good.  We are taking on some big mountains to climb this next year but so far our outlook is one of a team, not a competition.  Pioneering some new stuff and starting some new initiatives amongst our staff and ministry.

I’m still stuck with what God spoke to me a few months ago about being sensitive to the seasons.  Of course, this season is by far my favorite with the memories and traditions and music and generosity and festivities.  It goes beyond just the calendar to more of an internal awareness of priorities.  What is God’s focus for me today, this week, this month?  Am I willing to give up my ‘rights’ to the other things I hold so close and see as so important to pursue that to which He is calling me?

Oh, and I was sent some awesome tea awhile ago.  Yummy tea makes everything just a bit better.


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