Sometimes being the best mom does not mean having a clean house.  Or folded laundry.  Or toys put away nicely on the shelves (or heck, put away at all!).  Sometimes the best mom leaves the dirty dishes in the sink and crumbs on the floor and books overflowing the reading basket.  She doesn’t check email, make a to-do list, update the family budget, or write those long overdue thank you cards.

Sometimes she heads upstairs, climbs into bed, pulls the covers over her head, and takes a nap.

At 2:00 in the afternoon.

While the kids are also miraculously snoozing at the same time.

After being up since 3:30 AM with a sick baby.  Who has rubella.  And is clingy and cuddly and whiny and precious.

Because a best mom is a best person.  And a best person is someone who takes care of herself so that she can keep giving to others.

So I napped.

It was glorious.


2 thoughts on “The Best Mom

  1. Naps are a saving grace sometimes! Good for you! (And sorry about the baby’s rubella!)

    I’m new, visiting from the On Your Heart linkup. It’s nice to meet you, Jamie!

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