This fruit of the Spirit was on my mind today as I practiced a few minutes of Holy Yoga.

And, like patience, I realized I don’t know how to have self-control.

My concept of self-control is based on pride.  Puffing up my chest, proving I can withstand temptation, and looking for approval when I succeed.

Yet anything rooted in pride is not a fruit of the Spirit.  It’s a result of me-centered selfishness.  My version of self-control promotes myself.  How great I am.  How much I can do.  How much I can say ‘no’ to.  How much I can live without.

It needs to start with Jesus.  His voice and presence directing and convicting me.  He stirs up the desire to change inside me.  He speaks a word to withhold or stop or not do as much.  Self-control should be a response to His voice, not an effort to prove I’m good enough.

What is He speaking to me today?  How am I responding?  That is how I bear fruit that remains.


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