It’s been one day in Olympia for me and the three kiddos.  Every time I come to visit it’s somewhat surreal to me.  Maybe it’s the reconnection with my past.  Maybe because I’ve been gone for so long and so much has stayed the same that it feels like a time warp.  Except I am 10 years older and have a family and a life and a career in totally different country.

As I put the babies to bed last night in the room across the hall from mine (yup, I’m in my old room), it was such a combination of peace and nostalgia and serenity and disconnected deja vu.  I realize I am living out the dreams of my childhood, back in the very same rooms in which that childhood occurred.  My life is at the same time exactly what I thought it would be and completely opposite from anything I could have imagined.

Apart from the littles waking up at 5:45 AM this morning, today was almost perfect.  I think Madison would’ve snuggled back to sleep with me if it wasn’t for the Chuck-Norris-karate-monkey-gymnast brother of hers on the mattress next to us.  Somewhere between 6:15 AM and 7:00 AM I’m pretty sure I got a knee or forehead to the upper lip.  Quite a lovely way to wake up.

Our day consisted of walks, installing car seats, Target (can I just say I love that Target is a five minute drive from my parent’s house!?!?!?!?), Lattin’s Cider Mill, Happy Teriyaki, nap, friends visiting, playing, sandbox, baths, tackle with Uncle Nick, stories with Grandpa, and bed.

I really want to have a morning by myself, maybe at a coffee shop with my to-do list, computer, and notebook?  That sure would be nice.


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