My sister has this saying on her bedroom wall:


In a few different places:


During my morning Holy Yoga (yay – the kids slept in!) one of these drawings was right in the path of my gaze.  So it got me thinking.

Is truth really all I want?

Recently I was listening to a friend share about her past few years.  A lot of heartache, frustration, pain, betrayal, self-sacrificing.  As she shared, I asked her questions to try to probe to the root of what was going on.

“Do you feel like you are worth more than someone treating you like that?”

“What would you tell someone in your situation?”

“Is this how you want your future to look?”

My friend respectfully defended every single one of her statements and denied the insinuating answer of each of my questions.  Her reasoning was the ‘truth’ that she was believing and any point of view different from that was not welcomed.

What truth do I believe?  Is it really truth, or is it simply true (this happened, I did something, it actually occurred in my life).

God’s truth is freedom, life, wholeness, healing, health, openness, life-giving.  How often do I reject His truth because it doesn’t agree with what I want or think.  It’s easier to wallow in self-pity than say ‘Yes’ to my identity in Him.

Truth is real.  Even when my reality is screaming otherwise.


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