573 weeks ago, I boarded a plane on my first one-way ticket.

4,017 days ago, I finally left home with no looking back.

96,423 hours ago, I crossed a border and entered a life that has yet to let me go.

5,785,380 minutes ago, I began the rest of my life.

It’s been eleven years since my life became what it is today – full time, all in, 100% missionary.  I have regrets.  I wish I could do a lot of things over.  I have victories, moments of shame, some triumphs, some failures.

When I pause and think and reflect, though, I realize that every second thus far has been a grace-filled, maturity-building, character-stretching, Jesus-led privilege.

A pure privilege.  In every sense of the word.

Thank you, Lord, for eleven years of serving You in missions.  It is all about You.  Help me to always remember You are the Reason, Cause, Purpose, and Goal in all that I do.


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