It’s a buzz word as of late – ‘self care.’

How can I take care of ME so that everyone else can be taken care of, too?  Especially in the mom-o-sphere, it’s a discussion that never ends.  Give give give, take a deep breath, then give some more.

Where is the time to recharge my self, my soul, so that what I give actually has sustenance and meaning?  Take it one step further and think about simply not burning out or drying up…how do I not linger on the edge of survival but actually leap into the refreshing waters of thriving?

Sorry – that word picture was a bit saccharine.  Apologies accepted.

I battle with these two concepts on a daily basis.  Why?  Because I don’t know if self care actually is a Biblical truth.  I don’t want to embrace something, weave it into the pattern of my day, simply because it’s a good idea and everyone else is doing it.  Cue the ‘If Jimmy was going to jump of a roof, would you do it too?’ lecture we all received in fourth grade.

I want my life to be founded on Biblical principles. I want my actions and decisions to be the fruit of that truth.  So if self care (ie: preferring myself over others for a period of time) is not Biblical, I don’t want it anywhere near me.

What is the Biblical truth?  How do I stay recharged, refreshed, myself in this season of constant giving and stretching and exhaustion?  Well, Jesus was all about paradoxes.  Look at the Sermon on the Mount in the Book of Matthew.  He was all, “Hey, you think that murder is wrong?  Well, you’re just as bad if you think evil thoughts about someone.”  What the what?!?!  He focused on the motivations, the heart, the reason behind the actions.  It’s not just what I do that matters, it’s why I do it.

If I serve and give and exhaust myself out of a self-pity complex, that’s not truth.

If I ignore others and build up walls in the name of ‘self care,’ but it’s based on pride and selfishness, that’s not truth.

What is the truth?  I know I can’t prefer myself all the time, but I know there must be some sort of boundary to selflessness.  Or is there?


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