Quite an inspiring title, huh?

This weekend Scott is working so it’s me and the kiddos all day, every day.  I admit I was dreading coming up with ways to fill the hours, especially since Hunter rarely naps during the day.  Last night as I let the thoughts pile up and projected my stress about the yet-to-be-lived tomorrow on my I’m-living-it-right-now today, something inside me snapped.

What happened?!!??

What happened to me, the mom who LOVES being home with her kids?

What happened to me, the mom who ENJOYS days at home to do nothing but explore, wander, and learn?

What happened to me, the mom who turns an ordinary trip to Walmart into the ADVENTURE of a lifetime?

I decided right then and there to stop being the mom I’ve become and start being the mom I want to be.

Which meant a last minute, thrown together, hastily planned, and extremely rewarding morning at the zoo with both kids.  Madison dozed off in the Ergo while Hunter ran around, yelling back to me, “Mom, look!  It’s a…” then shrieking the name of the animal when he saw it.  And yes, he  thought a camel was called ‘kangaroo’ and a warthog was ‘rhinoceros.’  We should go to the zoo more often.  I hope it didn’t hurt their feelings.

It was SO. MUCH. FUN.

Madison was in a great mood all morning.  Hunter was absolutely delightful.

It was the day I wanted to have and I was so afraid of saying yes to for so long.

I’m so glad this mom has finally come back.


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